How to Avoid Applying Make-Up to Your Lilah Style Clothes

How to Avoid Applying Make-Up to Your Lilah Style Clothes

💅Ladies, It's nothing like putting on a new beat and then f*cking up your clothes with a single spot of make-up, ladies. Make-up spills all over your new Lilah Style dress this summer will not be cute. Let me quickly bring you up to speed on a couple solutions to this problem.

Utilize A Damp Towel

After you've finished your makeup, pat your face with a wet cloth. The damp towel will absorb the make-up, preventing it from spreading on your clothes while you put on your day's apparel.

Utilize Facial Tissue

Setting your make-up with a facial tissue might help it stay in place. You'll need to pat it on your face with light strokes all over, but especially around your eyes.

Make Use of Facial Tissue

Using a face tissue to set the make-up can help it stay in place. You will need to pat it on your face with soft strokes all over your face, paying specific attention to the jawline and cheek area.

Wear a Scarf

Wrap a scarf around your head and let it fall over your face. This will help to keep any excess make-up from falling onto your clothes.

Use an Appropriate Make-Up Routine

Apply primer before doing a complete face. Set the primer with a light layer of translucent powder after applying it to your face. The transparent powder will aid in the adhesion of the primer. Beat your face after you've applied your primer and set it with transparent spray. Set your makeup with a setting spray after you've completed your entire face. This will also prevent your make-up from smearing.

Whichever choice you choose, please leave a remark below. This will not only keep make-up off of your clothes, but also off of your man's clothes, female. We want our Lilah Style baes to look good in their Lilah Style items.

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