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🪄Mythic Hot Comb🔥

🪄Mythic Hot Comb🔥

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With our Mythic Hot Comb, you'll feel more confident, and the even heat distribution will leave your hair shining and smooth because you won't risk inflicting additional damage by going over your hair. After just a few combs, the ceramic coated electric comb warms up swiftly and evenly, leaving your hair lustrous, soft, and smooth. The ideal comb to use it to naturally comb, straighten, or curly your hair.


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Quick Styling - Temperature settings can be changed in 20-30 seconds, and it can be heated fast. Even at low temperatures, it can keep hair glossy, silky, and frizz-free. The temperature of the heated comb can be changed to suit different hair types. 
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  • 20% Faster Styling 

  • 50% More Protection 

  • Long Lasting Results 

  • Heats Up to 500F

Usage Tips:

1. Before using the Technology ceramic hot comb, make sure your hair is completely dry.

2. Please keep a safe distance when setting up your hair straightening machine before use to avoid burning your skin.

3. Please wait for the hot comb to heat up before using it, and then comb your hair/beard from top to bottom slowly.

4. To make the styling last longer, apply beard oil/hair styling lotion or soften lotion after straightening.

5. You can clean the comb with a dry/wet towel. However, before cleaning, please turn off the comb and allow it to cool.



Will this method damage curly hair?
No! it will revert back after you wash and condition it. especially our top-quality curly hair!

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